Monday, October 13, 2008 We want the skin additional school associations!

Monday, October 13, 2008 We want the skin additional school associations! The League of Education, which includes 30,000 local associations involved in popular education, protested yesterday against the drastic savings for 2008 and 2009 imposed by the Minister of Education. On 7 October, the Minister of National Education-has indeed indicated that the agreement allowing the remuneration of some employees of the League of Education (available and detached) would end on 31 August 2009. This represents 180 jobs (full-time equivalents, FTE) seconded teachers and 20 teaching positions available, out of a total of 18,000 FTE employees. In addition, the 2008 grant, allocated by yet multi-year agreement by objectives (until 2010), will be "capped at 75% of the amount." In other words, in aid of National Education of 24 million euros a year, about 7 million will be deducted on a total operating budget of the League of 500 million euros. Humanity gave the floor to Jean-Marc Roirant, Secretary General of the League of education: "The League sees amputated of its educational activities – school support, educational support, management of leisure centers, discovery classes, meetings school or school sports – requested by the national Education- last hundred forty! "He is indignant. It is learned that the EEDF (Scouts and Girl Scouts of France) have just suffered the same reduction. Concern wins all the complementary associations of schools and educational movements (like CRAP-Pedagogical Notebooks). To save jobs in the 2009 budget, the Minister Xavier Darcos has decided to "return to the fold," as he put it, posted or made available teachers. They promised us (with signed agreements) matching grants. But "promises only bind those who believe in it", to quote a specialist (promises), Charles Pasqua … Something to be worried …. Philippe Meirieu talks about high school reform in the JDD .com. If he said he was surprised by the project, which seems to him to go in the right direction, he said "is not to make a school modeled on the sixth, but to take seriously training for autonomy. ". He did not say hostile to modularization but warns: "a margin of necessary choice will benefit students only if it is accompanied by a systematic and strong strengthening supervision of the accompaniment, and with the implementation Place a rigorous tutoring. ". "Without that, he adds modularization will encourage more resourceful at the expense of the most vulnerable students …" If he says rather favorable to the reduction of class schedules (but not school hours), it is worried about the place given to different disciplines. For him "A strong core should be built around disciplines that underpin citizenship: literature, history and geography, perhaps the economy (see the crisis), probably there is a certain amount of data mathematics and languages ??"It ends with a judgment remains optimistic but critical reform as it agrees:" This reform is not sufficiently structured and pedagogically will spark resistance from teachers. It is not in itself reactionary or immobilists people, but are afraid that imposes reforms that are actually only skins of the shortage. I remain convinced that a reform which would appear as a lever to democratize teaching practices and to reach more students to knowledge could obtain the consent of the teachers. I remain optimistic. "Another interesting story in western France. The regional newspaper takes us to Rennes in college where he was banished repetition until 4th. "Of course, we stand the students, providing them support. "Says the principal of St Helier college. This is not because the student punishment in some disciplines that must increase in all subjects. This year, seven students navigate. They remain in fourth for substances of patent ? French, math, history and geography and language ? but for the plastic arts, sports, science, and life on Earth, physics, music, they are in third with new comrades. Between the walls, yet. A folder in Humanity (published October 4) had escaped my reading. It contains contributions quite interesting. That of Francis Regis Guillaume, member of the OZP (Observatory of priority areas) considers the educational debate around the film should focus on two points: how to make the classroom a place of learning? And take note of the positive relationship the students in this film, remember that the school also has an education and socialization mission and address the issue of ethnicity. Sophie Audoubert, literary professor at Saint-Denis, (and author of a very good Don Quixote Suburbs (ed. Philippe Rey) deems the film "overwhelming." Charlotte Nordmann, philosophy teacher in Seine Saint Denis, and essayist , is even more severe and speaks of a "stereotype" screen. this film has not finished debating …. the Ministry of Education said this morning what the future teacher recruitment competition that will apply from the 2010 session (tests in January and June). to adapt to the new situation of teachers trained at university and not at the IUFM and recruited at Bac + 5 (master) the contents of the contest will be changed. Except for aggregation, competitions will be organized in 4 trials, 2 for eligibility (accounting for 40% of the score) and 2 for admission (accounting for 60%), against between 5-8 trials currently under disciplines and competitions. the reactions are mixed. We revie ndrons tomorrow on this ad. Good reading… ——————————————— – 13/10/08 Liberation the principal gripe about heating, tempers flare in college when a recent meeting with the teaching staff, the principal of the Paul-Valery college Tours announced he wanted for reasons of economy, lowering the average temperature within the establishment of two degrees …. Read more of the article There is no love … (Blog Serge Hefez) A study of the FIFG "How the French families live today?", Conducted among a thousand parents of children aged 6 to 12 years reveals a disconcerting reality: the great fear expressed by 36% of respondents is the occurrence of a falling out with their offspring … Read more of the article fewer tests for future candidates in the competition of teaching from 2010, teachers will be trained either at the IUFM but to university and recruited to +5, after four events. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 13/10/08 a boost for road safety in school after the pedestrian license, created in 2006, a cyclist permit is issued in the primary. Read more of the article 44% of accidents in the home-class trip 20% of young victims had been asleep . Read more of the article Should we legislate history? "Do not take away freedom to Parliament prote ger citizens," said Jean-Claude Gayssot. "It is certainly not for him to order the historical truth," replied Francoise Chandannagar. Read more of the article Nicolas Sarkozy postponed his "New Deal" digital The head of state has postponed until Monday the presentation of the plan to reduce the digital divide. A series of measures to revitalize an entire segment of our industry. Read more of the article Student Internships: The facs copy large schools Valerie Pecresse wants to better assist students in their research and systematize alumni directories. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 13/10/08 saving competition ENA, Herve Beaudin, former student of the ENA (Denis Diderot) the ENA output ranking is always seemed unfair to the 90% of alumni who have not had access to large bodies and careers thereunder, despite the flattering judgment they have never ceased to wear on their person. Furthermore, children of senior officials, executives and teachers, not to mention the male, would be over-represented. Social justice so require redistribute the cards. Finally, the special stages are inappropriate not only to careers but also the tastes and real skills of students. This same classification now seems absurd to heads of government, as it deprives them of the right to choose their employees. It is normal to remove it. That is the official story. I question the value of these arguments. Not that the system of the Republican contest to be perfect. But because its principle is, like democracy at Churchill, "the worst, except for all the others." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 13/10/08 (a day late) the SNES-FSU withdraws discussions High School. The main teachers union will not participate in the reform of secondary school institutions. Read more of the article Austerity in education League education, which includes 30,000 local associations involved in popular education, protested yesterday against the drastic savings for 2008 and 2009 imposed by the Minister education. "The League of Education recently informed of severe cuts means that affect the partner associations of the public education service," she wrote in a statement. "On October 7, the Minister of National Education- said the agreement allowing the remuneration of some employees of the League of Education (available and detached) would end August 31, 2009". Read more of the article The Class: fiction or reality Adored by critics and largely rejected by the teachers, the film by Laurent Cantet, The Class, deserves some attention here, because it raises indeed many essential questions about the school and the relationship between teachers and students. Read more of the article Take note of the positive report students By William Francis Regis, Board Member of the Observatory of the priority areas. The film provokes discussion of such quality that it has certainly touched something deep in our society. This debate brings together mainly teachers, often critical of the image that is given to the school and their job. Some, call them teachers, in recognition quality, but fear that the public will see him as a teaching model. The others are attacking a teacher who would lack authority and regain speech on the difficulty of the job and even, for some, the impossibility to pass "difficult" students. Read more of the article Story of a confinement By Sophie Audoubert letters teacher at Elsa Triolet college of Saint-Denis Between the walls do not really choose between fiction and documentary; it is placed in an in-between where his frail about eventually disturb considerably. Movie about school? Cantet denies it. Film in school? One can not, for once, deny. The biases of accomplishment deliberately stick as close to the real: a scenario reduced to the minimum portion of the actors who were the only on that occasion, events directly from the experience. Fiction, no doubt, but which maintains an almost incestuous relationship with the reality it represents. Impossible, in these circumstances, not react so as a teacher facing a work that shows the microscopic classroom. Read more of the article A screen stereotypes By Charlotte Nordmann, essayist, translator and professor of philosophy in a Paris suburb of school It’s not that we want to be mean, but, much as we want these Teachers who, emptiness force you impose hours of boredom, we still want a little Begaudeau and Cantet, with all their "good will", for having inflicted this … Two hours of high school pasteboard two hours when succeed skits supposedly is "indicative", where each character and each replica methodically illustrate a series of stereotypes about the school world: here are the severe teacher never shaken in its certainties and sensitive teacher and cute, but still think it’s his role to remind the law, this is the big mouth black "which is becoming a woman" and the small spiritual and insolent rebeu, without forgetting Chinese strong math student … How to understand, therefore, the echo that had the movie? What appeal can it be to a certain audience, if not that of the folklore and the "exotic"? Read more of the article was hardly recognized himself … BY VALERIE SULTAN, PROFESSOR OF LETTERS PTA. Presented as fiction but realized as a documentary, The Class is a film ambiguous status: real property, real teachers, real students … no wonder many personal of Education will have seen a mirror held up to them. And what a mirror! Under the pretext of wanting to show, and why not, a teacher who is not perfect, the director falls quickly into caricature: it is difficult to recognize through this teacher who insults his students, which interferes so moved in their private lives, expressed crudely, renounces treat the program on the grounds that "the Enlightenment, it’s a little hard in the fourth," or who commits serious misconduct. Why this bias? And what a public school image Laurent Cantet has he sought to give here? As a professor of letters in PTA, I was appalled by the image of my job that is conveyed in this film: a teaching of great poverty, reduced courses in sterile verbal jousting that does not really lead pedagogically, a teacher who keeps his knowledge to himself while pretending to dispense his students by confining them in school peacekeeping activities. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien 13/10/08 from theater to find the path of Viry-CHATILLON school – GRIGNY. They have 16 or 17 years and have not found a place in college or high school. An original experience trying to help these teens in school failure. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 13/10/08 ——————————– —————- the echoes of 13/10/08 Nothing seen … ——————— —————————- 20 minutes from 13/10/08 ——— Nothing seen … ————————————— Rue89 from 13/10/08 In Marseille, the academy recruits teachers for classifieds ads pages of the daily La Provence Tuesday, October 7. Vestner France Lifts recruits to "Lift Technician M / F for a position in the Marseille region. Further down in the column, we look for a driver to work. " In between this insert: "The Academy of Aix-Marseille recruits Teacher (s) ds the disciplines of medical and social sciences, biotechnology, technology, mathematics, German, physics, civil engineering … Level. Mini requires license. C.V. sent to: Rector, Academy of Aix-Marseille, teachers Personnel Division "A web link also refers to the Academy’s website, for the one who wants to get more homeworkmarket legit
information or make an application. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Ouest France 13/10/08 in the College of Rennes, one redoubles Greater first this year seven students navigate between the 4th and 3rd, so as not to start over. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 13/10/08 Meirieu "Dressing the shortage" Philippe Meirieu is one of the best specialists in the French educational system. Pedagogue, former director of the IUFM of Lyon, and co-author of a book on the School Xavier Darcos, analyzes for high school reform. Failing to provide real support of the students, the current project risk according to him being seen as a mere "background of the shortage." Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 13/10/08 Nothing seen … ————————————– – the of 13/10/08 road safety: the young in the crosshairs the ninth edition of the week of the target road safety particularly the 15-24 age group. In 2007, they accounted for over a quarter of fatalities. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- selection in the 13/10/08 dispatches future contests teachers greeted with reserve Monday’s presentation of future teachers recruitment competitions, which will apply in 2010, received a shared hosting teachers’ unions, some being satisfied with the device, others worrying about the ability of tests to assess the ability of candidates to teach. Read more of the article Sgen CFDT meets future recruitment competitions, with "clarification" The teachers’ union CFDT-Sgen was satisfied the new recruitment competition for teachers presented Monday, subject to certain "details "in a statement. Read more of the article Future competition for teachers in force for the 2010 session Future Contest teacher recruitment and main educational advisors (CPE) will apply from the 2010 session (tests in January and June) will have fewer tests than at present, according to the presentation made by the Ministry of Education. Read more of the article Premiums against positions in the Ministry of Education: "shocking", according to a union The agreement, released Thursday, providing premium increases for staff of the Ministry of Education in return 1,700 job cuts in three years, was described as "shocking", in a statement Monday, the Snasub-FSU union. Read more of the article The SE-UNSA shared on new teachers’ union contests SE-UNSA teachers proved divided on the proposed new teacher contest for 2010, approving the proposed architecture but putting doubt that they will actually measure the candidates’ ability to teach, in a statement. Read more of the article Teacher Training: Inspectors want a "national framework" The union of the personal inspection of the FSU (SNPI-FSU) request that the State provides a "national framework" training of future teachers which should now be at the university as a professional masters and not the IUFM like today. Read more of the article Elections Representatives students starting Monday The students are called to elect their representatives to the board of high school life (CVL) at their institution from Monday to Friday, and for the first time, 600 of them will be invited in November at the Ministry of Education to discuss high school reform. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Monday, October 13, 2008

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